ACT NW Feasibility Study

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The Alano Club of Portland

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ECOnorthwest developed a market analysis and feasibility study for a new substance use disorder (SUD) treatment center in Portland, Oregon. The new center would provide integrated mental health and SUD counseling to adolescents with an alternative peer group model framework. The program, the first of its kind on the west coast, was planned to operate in tandem with Harmony Academy, the first recovery high school in Oregon, for which ECOnorthwest completed a feasibility study in 2018. This project required a flexible and innovative approach due to the unique model of the treatment center and involved a needs assessment, a pro forma model to assess financial feasibility, and interviews with experts in adolescent SUD and mental health care. ECOnorthwest concluded that there was substantial need for such a facility in Oregon and that the facility would be financially feasible.

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ACT NW Feasibility Study