Complexity made clear.

Public policy research for better human outcomes

ECOnorthwest’s interdisciplinary research insights help communities across the United States make informed decisions about housing, land use, natural resources, education, and the social safety net.

Government seal of Colorado
Government seal of Colorado

Driving impact across four policy areas.

Transformative policy work at the intersection of people, place, the environment, and the economy.


Education, workforce development, social policy


Affordable housing, development, equitable communities, infrastructure, public services


Economic development, tax and fee policy, business impacts


Climate adaptation and mitigation, water and forests, outdoor recreation

More than data.


Policymakers and business leaders trust ECOnorthwest to inform the complex issues that shape communities today. See how we tailor our teams and our methods to help meet client policy goals, bringing the right analytic methods and tools to answer a range of policy questions.

What clients can expect:

Dedication to Excellence.

High-quality, accurate work is our top priority. Our consultants use the best analytic methods available and work collaboratively and systematically to ensure our products are clear, precise, and error free. Our work is independent: Our clients come to us with questions, but they do not direct our answers

Research Equity.

We integrate equity into our work through a deliberate process that helps us identify and disrupt historically oppressive structures. Our Research Equity Framework shapes the questions we ask, the way we interpret results, and how we arrive at policy recommendations.

Tailored Team Structure.

We customize our teams to meet the needs of each project, pulling together experts across economics, urban planning, public policy, finance, demography, geography, sociology, and communications. Our depth of knowledge and skills allow us to tailor our approach to arrive at a broader understanding of how policy choices affect peoples’ lives.

Northwest roots, national reach

Founded in the northwest, we grew up in a region where innovation is an imperative and change is a constant. Lessons from this dynamic, fast-growing region inform the work we do.

A career that

makes an impact.

Join us at ECOnorthwest, where analysis meets impact. You’ll collaborate with experts spanning various fields, from economics to urban planning and sociology, to create insights that lead to shared prosperity for more people.

Our team culture is rooted in intellectual curiosity, independence, and dedication to excellence. Come work with a team that lifts each other up in pursuit of making a real impact.