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As part of its commitment to support livable communities that meet the housing needs of all households, AARP has been working to remove barriers to housing options, including Accessory Dwelling Units and Middle Housing, in communities across the country. As a complement to local educational and technical assistance engagements on these topics, AARP sought expert assistance from ECONorthwest to develop a Model Act and guide to statewide legislation to re-legalize middle housing. This guide provides a range of options, example language, and pointers to appropriately customize requirements to state context, to support advocates, legislators, and others in identifying the best approach to expanding middle housing options. The Re-Legalizing Middle Housing: A Model Act and Guide to Statewide Legislation report is available below (copyright 2022-2023 by AARP).

As a follow-on to the state Model Act, ECONorthwest is currently working with AARP to develop a best practices guide for local initiatives to enable middle housing, including case studies from across the country and guidance on setting appropriate standards. Given AARP’s broad reach, these resources can guide policy decisions and promote the development of middle housing across the country.

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AARP Middle Housing Best Practices Guides