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Tyler Bump

Partner / Senior Economic Advisor


  • M.U.R.P. University of Colorado Denver, College of Architecture
  • B.S. Human Services, Metropolitan State University of Denver

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Portland, OR

Tyler Bump is a Partner and Project Director at ECONorthwest with a professional focus on the intersection of land use planning and real estate investment that advances equitable housing, economic development, and sustainable development goals. Tyler works with a range of local government, private sector, and nonprofit organizations to develop market supportive solutions that advance community development goals.

Tyler works with clients to develop and implement creative strategies that leverage public and private sector investment to support equitable development outcomes through policy and finance tools. Recently Tyler has supported clients with middle housing implementation efforts including feasibility and affordable housing analysis for the Portland Residential Infill Project, accessory dwelling unit feasibility and policy analysis for the City of Portland, policy and development feasibility analysis to create middle-income housing in Seattle, and development scenario modelling of middle housing options in Beaverton, Oregon.

Tyler also provides advising services to local governments and business districts to develop and implement strategies that advance economic development, business growth, and community revitalization goals.


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