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Jennifer Cannon

Senior Project Manager


  • Master of Public Health, College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida
  • M.U.R.P. College of Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida
  • B.A. Environmental Policy and Planning, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University

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Seattle, WA

Jennifer is a Project Manager and dynamic Planner at ECONorthwest with 15 years of experience working in the public and private sectors on environmental, community development, and land planning projects. Jennifer specializes in housing action plans and analysis, policy evaluation and development, economic development, alternatives analysis, sustainable development, and land use and transportation planning. At ECONorthwest, she has led numerous projects analyzing policies, researching strategies, and developing action plans to support affordable housing and missing middle housing development, economic development, community resiliency, equity, and transit-oriented development. She has helped dozens of jurisdictions develop Housing Action Plans and is currently serving as an advisor for the AARP Livable Communities Technical Assistance Program. Jennifer was a Policy Analyst for Kitsap County and a Senior Planner at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, where she recalibrated policies, led robust community engagement and successfully achieved major plan updates covering diverse topics. Jennifer is a certified planner and GIS professional and currently serves as a county representative for a local chapter of the American Planning Association.


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