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Lee Ann Ryan

Senior Project Manager


  • M.U.P. University of Washington
  • B.EnvD Environmental Design, University of Colorado at Boulder

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Seattle, WA

Lee Ann specializes in land use planning, housing policy analysis, and site planning/analysis.

Lee Ann joined ECOnorthwest as a project associate in 2021. She specializes in land use planning, housing policy analysis, and site planning. Prior to joining ECONorthwest, Lee Ann worked as a consultant and helped to build a planning department that focused on site analyses for private development clients which factored in development standards, infrastructure improvements, and critical areas. She assisted cities with plan review on residential and commercial projects, annexations, and the Link light rail expansion. Lee Ann has also worked with cities across Washington on housing policy projects that included design standards, code development and housing action plans. Her work with both public and private sector clients has made her particularly skilled in identifying and understanding barriers to housing development. Ensuring community members have access to housing that is safe and affordable is a driving force behind her interests and work. With a background in design and urban planning, Lee Ann is passionate about helping communities develop creative tools to address new and emerging issues related to housing, transportation, and economic development.


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