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Justin Sherrill

Technical Manager


  • M.U.R.P. Portland State University
  • B.A. Art History, University of Oregon

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Portland, OR

Justin joined ECONorthwest in 2019 as a Research Analyst with a special interest in transport systems analysis, the socioeconomics of land use policies, and effective data visualization. Justin draws from his professional experience in transit planning, demography, and government communications to provide clients with analyses that can broaden understanding of the complex, pressing issues facing modern cities. Whether it’s analyzing the impacts of redlining through historic census microdata in the R programming language, mapping climate impacts on coastal transportation networks in QGIS/AcrGIS, or building interactive agency dashboards in Shiny and SQL, Justin brings a wide technical skillset and deep curiosity to his work at ECONorthwest.

Prior to joining ECONorthwest, Justin worked at the Population Research Center at Portland State University, helping vet early results from the 2020 Census, and at King County Metro, where he supported the agency’s Strategy & Performance team in tracking operational efficiency, prioritizing transit-related capital projects, and building interactive dashboards. Outside of his work at ECONorthwest, you can find published examples of Justin’s maps and data visualizations in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and in Upper Left Cities: A Cultural Atlas of San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

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