Washington Square Mall Redevelopment and Regional Center Plan

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ECONorthwest led a multidisciplinary team to update land use and transportation plans for an area designated as a regional center that includes a major regional mall poised for partial redevelopment. The Plan Update was focused on understanding market trends in the area, updating community priorities for future investments, and identifying key areas for the City of Tigard’s influence on revitalization of the area. The ECONorthwest team conducted a development feasibility analysis of zoning code changes, identified transportation and public realm improvements, evaluated potential displacement impacts from land use changes and investments, and crafted strategies to support redevelopment and prevent displacement in adjacent neighborhoods. The development feasibility analysis included testing a variety of development types and scenarios for multiple scales of opportunity sites within the study area, working with the project’s design team to evaluate the likely program and amount of development for each type of site, and analyzing financial viability for hypothetical development options. The displacement risk assessment included analysis of demographic and housing data as well as gathering perspectives from a diverse group of local residents on their displacement concerns. The implementation strategy included regulatory recommendations, displacement prevention strategies, and priorities for investments to support development and redevelopment that implements the City and regional vision for a walkable, vibrant, mixed-use urban center while also meeting local needs.

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Washington Square Mall Redevelopment and Regional Center Plan