Olympia Annexation Study

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City of Olympia

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The City of Olympia has engaged ECONorthwest to evaluate the feasibility of annexing the southeast portion of the City’s Urban Growth Area (SE UGA). This project addressed both technical needs and political concerns, provided the City Council with enough reliable information to engage the public and continue dialogue with the City and neighboring fire departments regarding the possibility of annexing the southeast portion of the UGA. Additionally, the City wished to better understand the implications establishing a Regional Fire Authority (RFA) will have on the SE UGA. The feasibility study included an evaluation of the following:

Extent and intensity of existing development, condition of infrastructure, and the complexity of the jurisdictional environment within the southeast UGA

Short-term and long-term revenue and cost impacts of potential annexation on the City’s operating and capital funds

Phasing schedule for the City to assume responsibility of additional public services in annexation area to mitigate initial cost impacts

Two scenarios that will analyze fire service provided by the City of Olympia or from the RFA

Any other major or unique challenges and opportunities annexation of the SE UGA may present