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Albina Vision Trust

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Historic overhead photos of the Albina neighborhood in Portland, Oregon showing the effects of urban development in the area

As part of a team of consultants, ECONorthwest helped to create a community investment plan for the Albina Neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. The non-profit Albina Vision Trust envisions a master planning effort to revitalize the Albina Neighborhood, which was a thriving historically Black community before it was decimated by decades of urban renewal and public infrastructure projects. The Trust is working to restore the street grid, redevelop underutilized parcels, and create wealth through the economic development and growth in the area. ECONorthwest led tasks relating to documenting and analyzing the economic potential, financial structuring, development incentives, and investment returns that could be achieved via three different development scenarios envisioned by the community and the Trust.

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Albina Vision Trust