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Dr. Ian Carlton

Senior Economic Advisor


  • Ph.D. City and Regional Planning, University of California Berkeley
  • M.A. City Planning, University of California Berkeley
  • M.S. Transportation Engineering, University of California Berkeley
  • B.S. Architecture & Certificate in Land Development, Georgia Institute of Technology

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Portland, OR

Dr. Ian Carlton is a Senior Economic Advisor at ECONorthwest and the co-founder of MapCraft Inc. In addition to directing the customization of MapCraft’s web applications, Ian develops analyses to aid policymaking, urban planning, and investment decision-making. Ian’s project work considers land-use planning, real estate investment, transit planning, equitable transit-oriented development (TOD), affordable housing, economic development, land-use modeling, public finance, and value capture.

With a specialization in integrated transportation and land use planning, Ian’s work often considers the complex and context-specific relationships between transit investments and urban development, especially the implementation of equitable transit-oriented development. Ian’s research sponsors and consulting clients have included private and public sector entities: local governments, transit agencies, regional planning organizations, federal agencies, nonprofits, landowners, and real estate developers.

Ian leverages his prior professional experiences in policy development, residential real estate, economic development, and business strategy consulting to carry out his advisory work.


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