San Diego River Trail Funding Feasibility Analysis

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County of San Diego

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The San Diego River Trail is a proposed trail system in the County of San Diego that would parallel the San Diego River for 52 miles from its headwaters in the Cuyamaca Mountains near Julian to its mouth at the Pacific Ocean in San Diego. The trail crosses through multiple parks and open space areas that are cumulatively referred to as the San Diego River Park. So far, approximately 40 percent of the planned San Diego River Trail extent has been completed. There is no set funding source to acquire land, implement trails, and complete other projects for the San Diego River Trail, or for ongoing operations and maintenance. ECONorthwest is conducting a funding feasibility analysis that evaluates the suite of available funding options and identifies which options could be feasible for funding of the San Diego River Trail. As part of this analysis, ECONorthwest is also identifying the costs of constructing and maintaining the trail to identify future funding needs, and is identifying benefits and beneficiaries of the completed trail system. The client for this project is the County of San Diego.

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San Diego River Trail Funding Feasibility Analysis