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Beth Goodman

Senior Policy Advisor


  • M.C.R.P. Community and Regional Planning, University of Oregon
  • M.P.A. Public Administration, University of Oregon

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Eugene, OR

Beth is a Project Director and Senior Planner at ECONorthwest with a professional focus on long-range growth management, land use planning, and policy analysis. Beth specializes in housing and economic development planning and policy analysis for cities and counties in the Pacific Northwest and across the western United States. She analyzes long-range housing needs in the context of demographic changes and affordable housing needs, including the development of housing policies to respond to currently unmet housing needs. She analyzes economic development growth potential, land need for commercial and industrial growth, and development of policies to encourage and stimulate economic growth. Beth works with cities to evaluate opportunities for expansion of urban growth boundaries of Oregon cities. Beth has experience developing market and feasibility assessments, developing strategic plans for policy implementation, and developing surveys to investigate key policy questions.