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Alicia Milligan

Project Manager


  • M.S. Geography, Portland State University
  • Graduate Certificate – Geospatial Information Systems, Portland State University
  • B.S. Geography, Minor – Sustainable Urban Development, Portland State University

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Portland, OR

Alicia Milligan is a project manager at ECONorthwest with a background in natural resource management, conservation and restoration of freshwater ecosystems, as well as geospatial analysis and higher education. Since joining ECONorthwest in 2023, Alicia has overseen a wide range of projects including economic impacts of recreation and visitation, visitor and resident sentiment survey analysis of recreation or rural destinations, recreation feasibility analysis, and the development of a pricing tool for conservation easements. Alicia’s past research and spatial analysis skills in human ecology mapping and sense of place made her a natural fit for managing these types of projects at ECONorthwest. With a diverse background in freshwater conservation, geospatial information systems (GIS) analysis and higher education, agriculture and small-scale farming, sustainable urban development, residential construction, and small business ownership, Alicia brings a lens of multiple perspectives to successfully manage our projects at ECONorthwest. You can see Alicia’s ability to effectively communicate scientific data using cartography in the 2021 book publication of Upper Left Cities: A Cultural Atlas of San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle where she contributed to the analysis and map design of multiple chapters. Additionally, Alicia has been the recipient of multiple cartographic awards and her maps can be seen throughout several publications. Alicia is also an integral member of local community organizations like, Oregon Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) Emerging Professionals (EP) as board president, and a board member of a non-profit organic farm, FoodWaves, specializing in small-scale agricultural education and community food justice.


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