Dr. Michael Wilkerson Breaks Down Rent Control and Stabilization

March 21, 2024


KUOW Public Radio’s Seattle Now podcast hosted Michael Wilkerson, Ph.D as he explored the complexity associated with analyzing the impact of various approaches to rent control implementation. Listen to their discussion as Mike frames the landscape of rent control: how to define it, attempts to measure it, and what we’ve learned from jurisdictions that have recently implemented it. ECOnorthwest has spent years researching and unpacking the root causes of the persistent housing affordability crisis—and as local and state leaders look for solutions, they are increasingly looking toward options like rent control. Our approach begins with applying a microeconomic lens while considering the real-life implications of polices on people and the communities where they live. The outcome matters: public policy shapes our world to help create shared prosperity and a better world for more people, and a policy like rent control requires a nuanced conversation. We appreciated the opportunity to engage in this in-depth discussion.