Tyler Bump

Senior Policy Advisor

Tyler specializes in land use planning, development policy, affordable housing, and real estate investment.

Office: Portland, OR
Phone: 503-200-5095
Email: bump@econw.com

M.U.R.P. University of Colorado Denver, College of Architecture 
B.S. Human Services, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Tyler Bump is a Project Director at ECONorthwest with a professional focus on the intersection of land use planning and real estate investment that advances equitable housing, economic development, and sustainable development goals. Tyler was part of the lead staff team on the City of Portland 2035 Comprehensive Plan and has worked on various projects to implement Comprehensive Plan polices. Tyler's recent projects that advance equitable development outcomes include the Portland Residential Infill Project, Mixed-Use Zones project and Density Bonus Assessment, the Central City 2035 Plan and FAR Bonus and Transfer Study, the Inclusionary Housing Zoning Code Project, and the Southeast Quadrant Plan for the Central Eastside Industrial District.