Statement on Research Integrity

Founded in 1974, ECONorthwest is the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most respected economic consulting firm. Key to the firm’s longevity has been its reputation for high-quality, objective research. ECONorthwest has completed thousands of studies for public and private-sector clients, as well as for plaintiffs and defendants in litigation matters. The studies have been conducted by staff who were vetted for strong economic, financial, and policy evaluative skills, but not for their ideological views. The firm values intellectual curiosity and constructive disagreement. Consequently, we have worked for client organizations with diverse interests and perspectives: business management and labor unions; conservationists and energy companies; public planning departments and private developers. A long-standing conflict check process ensures that we do not work on the opposite sides of an issue simultaneously.

Our client selection process strengthens the integrity of our research. ECONorthwest is defined as much by the projects we have turned down as those we have completed. Our clients have policy or investment questions with answers that require sophisticated analyses. They respect our research independence and hire us because they seek objective answers. We avoid clients that design narrow questions to mislead decision-making processes. We do not associate with strident advocates with predetermined answers to their questions. And we turn away clients known to promote false claims or suppress facts. 

Our clients pay for their work and expect to collaborate on designing a scope of work. In this context, we maintain our reputation for objectivity through transparency. We detail our research methods, spell out our analytic steps, cite data sources, and make our assumptions explicit. No matter which side of a conflict we work on, our conclusions remain the same.