Robert Whelan

Senior Economist

Robert specializes in market research and forecasting.

Office: Portland, OR
Phone: 503-200-5071
Email: whelan@econw.com

Post Graduate Courses, Economics, Columbia University
M.S. Mineral Economics, Pennsylvania State University
B.S. Earth Sciences, Adelphi University

Robert Whelan is a Project Director who has been with ECONorthwest since 1996. He specializes in market research, strategic planning, feasibility analysis, and economic forecasting. He has successfully used his skills to advise Indian tribes, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and businesses on strategies, new developments, expansions, and social/economic assessments. He has analyzed a wide range of industries including retailing, tourism, electronics, energy, construction, casino gaming, agriculture, food stores, film and video production, manufacturing, and residential housing. Before joining ECONorthwest, Robert was a Mineral Economist for the State of Oregon. He has also worked as a Director of Strategic Planning for a major northwest corporation, as a Manager of Market Research for a multinational materials company, and as a Senior Economist for a division of the Chase Manhattan Bank.