Education Program Evaluation for Seattle's South Shore School and League of Ed. Voters

ECONorthwest frequently works with local private and non-profit organizations to evaluate the impact of the organization’s services on educational outcomes for the students it serves. We apply a wide range of analytical techniques to understand the characteristics of the population served by each organization we work with, and to identify and communicate program impacts to the organization and its stakeholders. 

For example, in partnership with the League of Education Voters and Seattle Public Schools (SPS), we conducted two evaluations of the South Shore School, comparing South Shore student performance to that of observably similar SPS students. Examining student-level data across multiple years, we found that South Shore students outperform demographically similar students in math and reading, and students who attend South Shore in prekindergarten and kindergarten perform better than students who enroll at South Shore in later grades.  

Clients: League of Education Voters (see sample report below); Alder Elementary School (Oregon’s first “I Have a Dream” school); The Chalkboard Project; Open School; Salem-Keizer Coalition for Equality

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