West Seattle to Ballard Light Rail Extension


Sound Transit

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Sound Transit (Seattle, Washington)

Working with transit planners, station architects, and urban designers, ECONorthwest advised Sound Transit on the design of the West Seattle to Ballard Link Extension (WSBLE) alignment and station infrastructure. The goal of this work was to maximize long term transit-oriented development (TOD) potential, particularly affordable housing development on agency-owned sites. ECONorthwest configured a MapCraft Lab to assess the TOD opportunities in station areas to help Sound Transit and its partners develop context-specific TOD strategies for the corridor. ECONorthwest incorporated a variety of data into the Lab to categorize TOD opportunities, including the financial feasibility of more than one hundred building prototypes on each parcel in the station areas, including single-family, multifamily, mixed-use, industrial, office, and hotel. Users can modify assumptions about market conditions and zoning to see how development outcomes might change. Moving forward, South Transit can use the lab to identify sites that would be suitable for publicly-initiated transit-oriented development or affordable housing preservation.

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West Seattle to Ballard Light Rail Extension