Missoula Midtown Master Plan

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ECONorthwest led a multi-disciplinary team of five subconsultants to help develop a Master Plan for the Missoula Midtown Association. A first for Missoula, the project employed grassroots community engagement techniques (steering committee, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, pop-up events, and walk audits) to develop a cohesive vision for Midtown that reflects residents’ values—including the values of those who live, work in, and use Midtown. In addition, the Master Plan focuses on developing a plan and strategy for facilitating more housing, employment, and transportation options through economic development tools. ECONorthwest conducted a residential and commercial market analysis, evaluated development feasibility, identified financial and regulatory barriers and incentives, as well as crafted development strategies to support equitable development for residents and businesses alike.

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Missoula Midtown Master Plan