Kevin E. Cahill Published Op-Ed on the Different Perspectives of Idaho’s Growth

February 3, 2023

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ECONorthwest’s Kevin E. Cahill published an op-ed in the Idaho Business Review titled, “What Explains the Disconnect in Perspectives on Idaho’s Growth?” In the article, Kevin highlights a recent Boise State University poll showing that 67 percent of Idahoans think Idaho is growing too fast, a view that runs counter to the narrative of many economists and policymakers. Kevin points out that over the past 20 years Idaho’s economic growth was due primarily to the fact that more people live in the state, not because of increases in living standards. What is more, Kevin notes that the traditional measure of economic growth, gross domestic product, does not take into account environmental externalities or quality of life. As a result, Kevin suggests that the reason people say Idaho is growing too fast might be because such growth has had limited benefits at the individual level. Read more in the Idaho Business Review.