John Tapogna Quoted in The Oregonian re Portland Downtown Recovery

August 23, 2022

Image of Portland, Oregon from the river

John Tapogna was interviewed by The Oregonian regarding downtown Portland’s slow recovery:

“‘Downtown (Portland) went through a trauma that many other downtowns shared. But this one was deeper, and will take longer to recover,’ said [ECO’s own] John Tapogna…. Portland’s downtown will likely be in flux for a long time to come, according to Tapogna, as the city adjusts to remote work and works to repair the issues blighting the city’s core.

‘There probably is a general drift toward a mix of office and home work that will continue to evolve,’ he said. ‘But it’s going to take us five to 10 years to get to the point where we’ve found a new equilibrium for downtown.'”

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