ECOnorthwest’s Analysis of Oregon Voices Survey Results Highlights Areas of Appreciation and Concern Across Oregon

September 8, 2023

ECOnorthwest is working with The Ford Family Foundation and Portland State University to learn from the lived experiences of Oregonians in every county of the state. More than 4,300 people responded to the Oregon Voices survey, which asked about topics such as housing, access to services and natural outdoor spaces, and feelings of belonging. Rural communities and voices are often underrepresented in large surveys; Oregon Voices sought to overcome that by surveying an equal number of people in each county in its initial phase. The project “aims to be a resource for lawmakers setting state policy and nonprofit organizations, schools and health care providers to learn about needs,” according to the Oregon Capital Chronicle.

ECOnorthwest’s analysis of the survey results highlights Oregonians’ insights on many topics, including advantages of life in rural areas as well as areas of concerns. Rural residents point to strong, supportive communities and natural amenities where they live. At the same time, they are concerned about issues like the rising prevalence of homelessness and the availability of childcare. By amplifying the voices of rural residents of the state, Oregon Voices provides valuable insights to guide the development of effective policies and collaborative initiatives for a brighter and more sustainable future in Oregon.

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