ECONorthwest Report on Housing Instability among Oregonians with Intellectual Disabilities Featured by OPB

October 21, 2020

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Oregon Public Broadcasting featured a recent report by ECONorthwest, commissioned by the Kuni Foundation, that evaluated the number of adults in Oregon and Southwest Washington who have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), and who are at risk of housing instability. ECONorthwest found that approximately 24,000 adults with IDD in the region are either living independently but overspending on housing, or living with aging family caregivers who will one day no longer be able to provide care. These individuals are particularly vulnerable to losing their current housing. The report recommends: better data on the current housing situations and housing preferences for IDD individuals, more affordable and supportive housing solutions, and better collaboration across state agencies serving the IDD community.

View the article here.

View the report here or just the study highlights here.