Andrew Dyke, Joel Ainsworth, and Lauren Butler’s Analysis on Drug Decriminalization Featured in Rolling Stone

December 14, 2020

Distant view of Portland, Oregon with city scape and Mount Hood

Rolling Stone recently covered ECONorthwest’s analysis on the impacts of decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of controlled substances for Petition 44, which appeared in the November election as Measure 110. Working with the Drug Policy Alliance, Andrew Dyke, Joel Ainsworth, and Lauren Butler performed a fiscal analysis of decriminalizing drug possession and the establishment of a drug addiction treatment and recovery program funded by a portion of the State’s marijuana tax revenue. ECONorthwest found that the State’s potential cost savings from this policy change could range from $31.7 million to $48.6 million per year. Oregon’s voters passed Measure 110, the Drug Addiction and Recovery Act, which will go into effect in February 2021.

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