Erin Haswell

Policy Analyst/Software Developer

Erin specializes in economic modeling, transportation economics, and programming.

Office: Portland, OR
Phone: 503-200-5091
Email: haswell@econw.com

B.S. Economics, Lewis & Clark College

Erin Haswell is a Technical Manager at ECONorthwest with a background in quantitative economics and mathematical analysis. Since joining ECONorthwest in 2013, Erin has worked on a range of projects including traffic and revenue forecasts, online benefit calculators, and transportation management and pricing. She has experience in forecasting, econometric modeling, algorithm implementation, data analysis, and web development. Erin is skilled in Python, Django, and R, as well as other programming languages. She specializes in software development related to traffic and revenue models and data analysis and visualization. She has worked on the development of customized models to estimate the revenue potential from managed lanes for freeways in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Erin manages a suite of websites and is the lead software developer for ECONorthwest’s proprietary Toll Optimization Model©.