Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate the work we do. Some highlight projects we've completed. Others illustrate how we think about a particular topic or issue.


The Building Assets for Fathers and Families Initiative »

ECONorthwest provided technical assistance and policy guidance to federal demonstration sites.


Conservation Leasing and Potential on Idaho’s State Trust Land »

ECONorthwest analyzed the supply and demand for ecosystem services on Idaho State Trust Lands.

Real estate

Real Estate Lease Evaluation Model »

ECONorthwest developed a model to evaluate and compare commercial real estate lease agreements.

Econw-2007 08 07-002

Fiscal Impacts of Growth in Skagit County »

ECONorthwest analyzed the fiscal impacts of four alternative growth scenarios in Skagit County, Washington.


Economic Development Strategy for Wilsonville, Oregon »

ECONorthwest developed an economic development strategy to help Wilsonville guide its investments and policies.

Beaverton ura

Urban Renewal Area Formation in Beaverton, Oregon »

ECONorthwest helped establish an urban renewal area in Central Beaverton.


Economic Model for Groundfish Production Relationships »

ECONorthwest developed a model to estimate relationships in harvest data from Canada’s groundfishery.


Site and Developer Selection for Headquarters Office »

ECONorthwest helped Oregon Research Institute select and negotiate the development of a new headquarters office.


Economic Value of the Portland Metro Intertwine »

ECONorthwest estimated the economic value of ecosystem services and recreational opportunities provided by the Intertwine.


Market and Financial Feasibility Analysis of a Casino »

ECONorthwest analyzed the casino's potential to attract visitors and generate more revenues with a new location.

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